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Creative Ideas to Help

supplies-webPeople are so very creative with ways to help raise funds for the Lar. We’d like to share some of these ideas with you. And please, share your ideas with us!

“Love the Lar” Valentines Banquet (by Taylors First Baptist Church)

A fun night that includes both live and silent auctions with fun items, as their flyer says:

Please ask individuals during your daily activities for tickets to restaurants, events, goods  or services. Individuals may offer to do work or cook for a set number of people or amount of money.

We can make it something fun. One might pay someone to carry flowers to their wife’s work location, go to a friend’s house and sing a song of the friend’s opposing sports team. It doesn’t have to be asking a merchant to give something big. (Remember when someone paid for a fishing trip for Frank Page when he promised he hated fishing.) Our auction items can be to receive money for helping someone else.

Keeping this fun is going to be so meaningful for everyone who is involved. Let’s make this a celebration that folks will leave saying, “That’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

(A Bucket of) Bucks for Brazil

If a church placed buckets for Brazil at the exits once per month and encouraged everyone to drop a buck ($1) in, we could truly raise some funds.