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Mark and Paige Anderson


Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
Current Ministry: Children In High Risk – Brazil

In September of 1998, we, the Andersons, along with 12 other short-term missionaries from Southwest Church in Indian Wells, California, traveled to Natal, Brazil, to assist a local church in expanding an orphanage. WARNING: SHORT TERM MISSIONS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. With the support of Southwest we relocated our family to Brazil two years later. Talk about out on a limb! Moving to Fortaleza in February of 2000 we were privileged to oversee the foundation of the Davis Lar Orphanage from the ground up. After visiting a variety of orphanages with the Brazilian Board of Directors and First Baptist Church of Fortaleza, we came up with the Davis Lar plan. The orphanage focuses on the child victims of prostitution, drug trafficking, abuse, and abandonment, providing homes and restoring the children to spiritual, physical and emotional health while reaching out to their families and communities. Check out the rest of this site for details. We have grown to 6 functioning homes in Aracas, two boys’ homes in Eusebio, along with a boy’s transition home and a girl’s transition home in Fortaleza.

While working in a variety of areas, our hearts and most of our time remain with the children and youth of the Davis Lar. Mark continues to serve on the board and is the executive director. He participates in counseling, fund raising, and is the go-to guy to put out any and all fires the local staff can’t douse. Furthermore, he is teaching an English Bible Study, organizing a church plant, and will graduate from Luther Rice Seminary in 2014!

As a behavioral scientist with a master’s degree in Youth Development from Clemson University, Paige focuses on preparing youth for a successful future and house parent training, as well as group counseling, and organizing field trips. As Youth Development Coordinator, she is exceptionally excited as she prepares Operation Phoenix for emergent and third world orphanages across the globe. She looks forward to traveling to other orphanages, training them in this resiliency promoting method.

We are under the umbrella of Action International Ministries. We are supported separately from the Davis Lar, so all funds you donate to the Lar go to the Lar. If you would like to support the Andersons in this ministry, please click here!