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Tim and Lindsey Bayne

Action International Ministries – Brazil

Tim and Lindsey are  Action International missionaries from the upstate of South Carolina in the United States.  After serving on several short term mission trips, a few of them being at the Davis Lar, they felt the call to move overseas to serve long term in ministry.  They were asked by founders of the Davis Lar in the fall of 2016 to consider moving to the Davis Lar to focus on teaching skills to the children, establishing a mission post, and becoming the Directors of International Outreach.  They have a daughter, Avery, and a son, Grady.  Lindsey has a medical background and Tim possesses the great skill of wood working and repairing machinery.  Woodworking, sewing, basic medical skills, and English are the primary skills that they teach to the children of the Davis Lar.  Both Tim and Lindsey have taken several seminary courses
so that they are equipped to disciple others.

The Baynes manage all international teams, families, and interns that come to serve at the Davis Lar.  The Mission Post is the home where they reside, where those coming to serve can stay, and the Baynes plan to develop an international missions program in the near future in the Mission Post.

If you are interested in coming to serve, please contact the Baynes! All skills and talents are valued and they would love to work with you to develop a focus while you are serving with them. 

You can read their blog at www.missionallove.com and their Action International missionary page is at www.actioninternational.org/bayne where you will find their newsletters and the donation page.